Allure De Art - An alluring room fragrance for your great home by Singapore Memories

Allure De Art – a room fragrance by Singapore Memories

Singapore is home to some beautiful art and architecture and the room fragrance Allure De Art by Singapore Memories is dedicated to the artists and architects who have created these.

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The Architectural Wonder of Singapore

The architectural wonder of Singapore can be seen in its colonial buildings, the traditional houses of the Peranakan and other cultures, the heritage shopping malls and food courts, Art Deco structures and modern skyscrapers. The view of the skyline of Singapore is amazing and features some distinctive structures, and landmarks. The most unique structures include the Marina Bay Sands, the Helix Bridge, Gardens by the Bay, Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, and the luxurious waterfront residential development Reflections, at Keppel Bay. Finally, The Interlace building complex that looks like 31 stacked bricks and comprises of 1000 housing units is another of the unique designs to be seen in the city.

These are some of the finest examples of the architecture to admire:

  • Zaha Hadid’s impressive condominium developments D’Leedon  and  the Biopolis at the University
  • Foster’s South Beach Towers & Supreme Court
  • Ole Scheeren’s Interlace
  • Daniel Liebskind’s Reflections
  • I M Pei’s Gateway & several others
  • Moshe Safdie’s Jewel at Changi Marina Bay Sands & Art & Science Museum

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The Amazing Outdoor Sculptures of Singapore

The economic hub of Singapore is often not associated with the arts and culture, but the country is starting to be noticed for its contributions to this field and is well on its way to becoming a cultural capital.

The National Gallery of Singapore has 8000 works of art from local and other South East Asian artists. The Singapore Art Museum is where contemporary art lovers can enjoy works of art and the Red Dot Design Museum concentrates on the design of objects and has more than 1000 items, representing 50 countries.


 A walk around the city will reveal some interesting outdoor sculptures:

  • Auguste Rodin’s Thinking Man at Sentosa
  • Salvador Dali’s Snail Queen, Hermit, Elephant, and Newton
  • Several pieces by Kumari Nahappan’s
  • Fernando Botero’s Bird, Lady and so many more
  • Marc Quinn’s Planet
  •  Henry Moore’s Reclining Figure
  • Ju Ming’s Living World and many more
  • Anish Kapoor’s Tall Tree and Sky Mirror at Marina Bay Sands

Other Arts of Singapore

Singaporeans read literature from around the world in any of the country’s four main languages and there are many local writers, who have achieved worldwide recognition for their literature skills.

The music culture is diverse and includes pop, rock, folk and classical. The people of Singapore also do appreciate Western classical music and there are several symphony orchestras. The music scene is lively and various festivals are held throughout the year with local and international performances.

Allure De Art, the room fragrance by Singapore Memories evokes the aromas of a country steeped in the arts. These include architecture, visual arts, literature, and music. This aroma is the perfect corporate gift or souvenir from a city with such a love of its artistic culture.