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Orchids are omnipresent in Singapore! They are inside glass domes, out in gardens and on top of trees. You can see them everywhere, but we wanted you to fall in love with Orchid's beautiful fragrance, so we created Singapore Memories - Scents with notes of rare Orchids & inspired by Singapore!

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Room Fragrance with Therapeutic Orchid™ Scent Notes

Room fragrances with Orchid notes make a great gift for friend leaving Singapore.  But memories are made of so much more. So we decided to revive heritage perfumes from 1960's Singapore. 

singapore memories best awarded singaporean brand 2019 and 2020 for singapore girl perfume and for singapore memories product design

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Award winning Singapore Memories is the best selling local scented souvenir brand.

You can enjoy our collection of old & iconic, Singaporean heritage perfumes. We sell online, as well as at several physical Perfume stores that carry Singapore inspired room fragrances and perfume - both EDT & EDP . We aim to be the best perfume manufacturer of signature souvenirs and iconic Singapore fragrances. We hope that you consider us for your Singaporean themed souvenirs. These handcrafted Singaporean scents will remind you of beautiful Singapore trip.

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