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Singapore Memories is best selling perfume brand in Sg. We sell online and also work with several physical Perfume-stores that carry our EDT & EDP. We are dedicated to perfume making and also reviving old and iconic Perfumes from Singapore's glorious past.

We plan to become best perfume manufacturer for signature scents, iconic Singapore fragrances, custom perfume for Conference gifts and Room aromas.

Our products make great Singaporean themed souvenirs. Handcrafted Singaporean smell will remind you of the beautiful trip, whenever you smell this Signature fragrance. Since fragrance speaks and resonates directly to one's senses and character, Singapore Memories decided to bring you the range of most charming, iconic and elusive Singaporean fragrances.

Aranda 1965, a long lasting masculine fragrance for the unstoppable). One Degree North is another Men's favourite perfume with notes of native orchids, salty sea salts, fresh aqua and sparkling citrus for the discoverer in you. Orchids by the Bay is a unisex cologne that brings the newness of Bay orchids and a free-spirited creation.

Peranakan Oud is at the center of our cologne collection with its heartwarming, refined notes like Oud,  Tonka beans, Praline, and sweet Green Tobacco leaves forms a perfect unisex perfume for the multi-cultured and contemporary generation of today. The Orient is a spectacular scent for people seeking balance, peace, and harmony. Feminine Vanda 1981 fragrance is for today's women who enjoys the right mix of traditions, independence, and is carefree.  It is ideal for the women who just like to be themselves!

Singapore Memories brings you premium scents, at affordable rates, that are made from the best raw materials and ingredients.

Please get in touch with our team, who is always here to assist you with your range of Corporate Giveaway, Event Gifts, MICE gifts, Chinese New Year gift hampers, Wedding Souvenirs and much more.