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Premium Brand Corporate Gifts

Conference gifts

Corporations in Singapore looking for elegant, memorable gifts for their events and conferences turn to us. Whether they are Singaporean or a group from other country, they will admire each of our fine fragrance, as this is an expression of respect and high regard to the leaders in each one of them.

Today conference gifts have become a norm and a must. Since people are so used to receiving them these days, they also expect organizations to  put good effort in giving out a valuable Singapore conference gifts.

Conferences usually involve people to put efforts in understanding new things / methods and it generally requires endeavor.  It is easy to bring a smile on everyone's face with a quality corporate event gift like Singapore memories' unique fragrances.

The moment they will see its classic packaging and smell its fragrance, they are bound to feel fresh and happy and at the same time thank full!

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Our Singaporean scents are inspired by Orchid notes and provide value. They are in two sizes, one is super premium packaging, perfect for CEO souvenir. The smaller 18ml is perfect for conference attendees.

We will customise these with your logo and business information.  Your customers will love them!  Worldwide today premium, niche and custom perfumes are in all time high demand and our premium and custom perfume gifts are the most ideal conference presents.

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Every company at conferences wants to transform attendees into walking billboards for their company, giving them pens and USB, most of which, get thrown into a drawer and forgotten.

Think of what people may actually use during and after event. Perfumes are unique and will give attendees a reason to connect with your company or brand. Give them a way to remember you.  By giving them something they would actually buy themselves, you would immensely add value to your conference gifts Singapore.

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