Allure De Art - Scent dedicated to perfect architecture

Allure de art - Orchids room scent from Singapore memories


allure de art singapore scent room fragrance orchid perfume

Scents can evoke the human emotion and can take us back to a memory that was once forgotten. We created a scent that will remind you of beautiful Singapore and its buildings, after you go back to your country.

The room scent is meant to be a tourist souviner, so you can relive moments of your amazing Sg trip over and over agian. 

Introducing allure de art fragrance!

So what feeling does such a fantastic scent evoke? It is a room scent to remind us of the amiable architecture available in Singapore.

The architectural wonders of Singapore have been known to range from:

  • Art deco structures
  • Colonial buildings
  • Heritage food court and so much more.

Allure de art is an amazing fragrance that can be given off as a corporate gift from Singapore.


allure de art singapore scent room fragrance orchid perfume

However, note that the architecture of Singapore showcases a vast range of styles and influences from diverse periods and places. All of these succinctly range from the eclectic styles and hybrid forms of the colonial era down to the contemporary era.

When we come down to the aesthetic and technology of Singapore, it is evident that the country may as well be split into the local pre-world war two colonial eras and the modern post-war and post-colonial era.

Do you know some of the traditional architecture in Singapore? Well, if you do not, they are actually?

  • The Malay vernacular houses
  • Black and White bungalows
  • Local hybrid shophouses, and;
  • Diverse places of worship

All of these can reflect the religious and ethnic diversity of Singapore's city-state and the commercial architecture in Renaissance and gothic styles.

Did you know that the transitional art deco style and the reinforced concrete started the modern architecture in Singapore? Bet you never knew!

Asides from the interesting architectures of this beautiful garden City, there are Singapore souvenirs available for your family and friends


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Architectural Sites Of Singapore

Nevertheless, there are two great architectural sites that Allure de Art's fragrance reminds us of and they are:

  • The New National Gallery

This is a museum where its collections and include over eight thousand works of modern art of Singapore. It even goes further to feature the works of artists such as:

  1. Chong Soo Pieng
  2. Ho Ho Ying
  3. Chen Chong Swee, and;
  4. Liu Kang

It will amaze you to know that the particular site that houses this museum also witnessed the conception of Singapore. Also, this new museum has been in the works for over ten years.

The Milou architecture in France was in charge of overseeing the renovation of the museum’s interior.

  • School for the Arts

Who would blame allure de art for evoking a feeling that leads us to the school for the arts situated in Singapore and designed by none other but WOHA?

We are reminded of this school by this sweet-smelling fragrance because it out rightly operates as a specialist high school for all visual and performance-based arts. The school for the arts tries its best to combine all of the stuff excitement of art education with a relaxing flow of artistic experience and exhibition.

To Wrap It Up

The scent of Allure de Art can really not be overemphasized as it has the power to take us back to excellent architectural sites in Singapore. There are also corporate gifts from Singapore that you can purchase and gift to friends from overseas.