Aranda 1965 - A legendry perfume inspired by Aranda Orchids of Singapore

Aranda 1965

The first thing which you all probably notice in a person is how they smell! Yes, inadvertently we tend to notice how a certain person smells and form our opinion about them. So it is really important for someone to smell good. Whether you are a man or a woman, smelling good adds more points to your overall persona. It is also actually a very good way to feel confident and alleviates your mood. In this particular piece, we are going to talk all about the best men’s perfume and how different scents have different effects.

 Arand 1965 a great scent for masculine gender men and singapore homme orchid scent fragrance


Do you know that one-third of men’s fragrances sold are worn by women? Surprisingly there is little inherent masculine or feminine about a particular scent, the packaging makes it appear differently. There are hundreds of fragrances for men but some of them have made it to the iconic list. Amongst the many fragrances, only a few have managed to stay all times favorites.

According to the celebrated perfumer, Azzi Glasser men have this weird instinct of judging fragrances as if they are buying a car. For them, sophistication, as well as reliability and performance, matters as well. Simply put, no matter how grand and flashy a marketing campaign of a perfume is, a scent only survives when men like it.

The history of men’s fragrances

The ancient Egyptians are considered to be fathers of modern perfumes. They discovered it around 3000 (BC) initially producing genderless concoctions made using fragrant plant materials and ingredients such as myrrh, jasmine, and wine.

Fragrances were further refined by Roman, Persian and Arab cultures before they reached the Western culture around the 14th Century where they became a signifier of wealth and power. Queen Elizabeth, I demanded all public places to be scented since she could not withstand bad smells (I second her) while King Louis XIV of France is believed to have adorned different fragrance every single day! Wow!

Is it the best fragrances of all times? - Aranda 1965 (Homme)

This strong-masculine perfume is made with the ideology to generate lasting enthusiasm. It has become the scent of achievers. The fragrance has been declared the most innovative product and fragrance of 2019 by Beauty insider.

This particular fragrance is dedicated to courageous, visionary, compassionate and persistent past-leaders from the 1965 era to new-national an Asian Role-model of today.


aranda 1965, best singapore perfume scent, heritage premium orchid brand singapore

The inspiration for this fragrance comes from the Aranda family of Orchids which helped to create this masculine and long-lasting fragrance.

Naturally cheerful Bergamot and Citrus notes are combined with sparkling Asian fruits, which is mellowed by Tibetan Amber. However, the Wild-Aranda Orchids notes remain the heart and soul of this fragrance.


aranda 1965, best singapore perfume scent, heritage premium orchid brand singapore

Aranda family of Orchids

Aranda is a combination of words from Arachnis and Vanda. Even the plants are a combination of Arachnis and Vanda in appearance. However, they are stouter than Arachnis plants with long leaves. The plants stay happy in the full sun. It can be planted in pots, wooden slats, charcoal chips or beds of wood mulching and teak wood staking for support.

aranda 1965, best singapore perfume scent, heritage premium orchid brand singapore



Perfumes play a very important role in your overall styling and are one of the most important accessories of modern times. Apart from making one appear pleasant and organized the type of smell tends to leave a lasting impact on the people you meet as well. Interestingly, one survey suggests that if a man is wearing any kind of cologne or perfume, women find them attractive even if they do not score well in the looks department! It gives them good vibes of the particular man being organized and they tend to think that he takes good care of himself. Thus they find themselves falling in love head over heels! So if you are a man reading this go grab Aranda 1965 (Homme) for yourself and start impressing the opposite gender.