Asia - Room Fragrance inspired by all things Asia - Its Orchids, herbs and more


Singapore, or Asia -lite is a country growing in every ramification, including science, technology, tourism, and hospitality. Most historians, especially Singaporeans, will remember the year 1981, a year that began the inception of bigger things for the Asian giants.

Visitors and tourists began to troop in through the doors of the Changi airport ushering in decades of tourism and hospitality. The port at some point became the busiest in the world. As visitors and tourists began to come in, so were they exposed to the rich, beautiful, and fascinating aspect of the Singaporean culture. 

The name “Singapore” was coined from the word “Singa-Pura,” which means “The City of Lion.” This term becomes popular as far back as the fourteenth century. Malay, Chinese, Indian, as well as British, are some of the cultures of the Singaporean.


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Hinduism, Taoism, Islam are the major religion in Singapore, while a small percentage of them are Christians. Asia is not just the tourist destination for people who are seeking enlightenment, peace of mind, or hospitality; Asia, especially Singapore, is becoming a wonder to many. Its culture and tradition is a sight to behold.

This culture is felt in the way the locales dress, in the food they eat, how their houses are structured and patterned, and, most importantly, when they are exposed to orchid perfume and a host of orchid scent. 

The blooming perfume industry in Singapore began with the arrival of the Arabs in the 1930s. Muslims in Singapore uses perfumes for religious purposes, rituals, as well as for personal hygiene. Perfume is considered as a commemoration of the earth’s beauty and style.

Asia is not just another perfume. It is an orchid perfume that reminds you of all the beauties of Asia. When you put it close to your nostrils; what you perceive isn’t ordinary. You perceive the peace, harmony, serenity, and calmness that Asia represents.

Constituents Of The Asia Fragrance

Asia perfume has a special and peculiar scent of Encyclia Polybulbon. This plant is native to the Caribbean, and you will find it in Cuba, Guatemala, Mexico, Jamaica, amongst other countries. The smell of this perfume also imitates that of the rare sandalwood with traces of cloves.

The smooth, creamy, as well as the milky precious wood scent, has made the use of sandalwood oil critical in manufacturing this Singapore souvenir. Its usage in small portions in this orchid scent has given it longevity-enhancing ingredients for other components.

Sandalwood oil is historically used in India as a critical component of cosmetics. Asia is also made of fragrance oil from the Bulbophyllum ambrosia, which the Chinese call Xiangshidou Lan, meaning the fragrant stone bean orchid.

Sandalwood oil also is widely used in perfumery and perfume production as a base note. The sandalwood oil is highly treasured for its deep, woody aroma. The oil is gotten from steam distillation. As Asia is reputed to be the home of rare treasures and antiquities, so is this corporate gift Singapore.

Something Asia Perfume Reminds You Of

The combination of all of these ingredients to produce this perfume makes you feel you are in Asia even when you may be in Europe, Africa, or America. Having a bottle of this fragrance with you means you’re literally taking Asia with you everywhere you go.

Using Asia brings you closer to all cultures and traditions of not only Singapore but the whole of Asia. The scents of sandalwood oil from Asia makes you feel involved with religious and spiritual festivities going on in India. 


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 The scent aids you in meditation as well as focusing your attention. Therapeutic asian perfume oils have been used as far back as man himself. Sandalwood oil, which is a constituent of Asia, has been known to be used in the treatment of inflammation, used as a disinfectant, as a sedative agent, also used in the treatment of diuresis. China, Japan, India, as well as Singapore, is well documented as a home of natural medicine and therapy.

 Traditional doctors in China use a herb called Fangzhucao, which is a constituent of this wonderful perfume for its medicinal properties. This fragrance in the treatment of hepatitis, cough, as well as heat in the lungs.  The herb has a dry taste and a cooling effect.

In the case of our perfume; however, we aren’t using it for its medicinal properties but its wonderful smell. When you purchase a bottle of our perfume, you are holding in your hand a whole bottle of history from China to Japan, to India, to Singapore. 

There aren’t many perfumes that will guarantee you a place in Asian history more than Asia. The combination of the orchids, herbs, and sandalwood makes you Asian yourself. 

Perfect Singapore Souvenir

Every time you spray and inhale the scent of Asia, you become a citizen. You are reminded of the wonderful holiday you had in Marina Bay Sands, the educational and enlightening experience you had at the Singapore Zoo. The orchid feels from the perfume reminds you of your shopping experience at Orchid Road. 

As you continue to bask and glory in the beautiful scenery of ancient Asia, it is good to remind yourself you can get enough of the feeling, the ambiance, and the environment. But with Asia, you are holding the whole of Asia in your pocket, bag, or even purse, and the story associated with the use of fragrance.

To Wrap It Up

Your perfume collection is therefore not complete without this Singapore souvenir.No matter how many you’ve got; you will need to top it up with Asia. Asia is, therefore, able to bring you memories of the peaceful and serene side of Asia.