Asian Traditions - Room Fragrance inspired by therapeutic orchids of Asia and Ayurveda

Asian Traditions

Asia is a continent rich in history and traditions. A continent filled with cultures from different countries. This diversity has attracted millions of tourists to see the great wall of China, the Taj Mahal in India, the Petra Jordan, millions of Muslims perform Hajj in Saudi Arabia, and millions of Christian visit Palestine on pilgrimage.


Asian tradition a traditional scent with ancient perfume ingredients and old world fragrance

These Asian traditions are handed down from generation to generation. These traditions are being exported to countries in Africa, Europe, America, and Australia.

  • Ayurveda

Many people are not aware of this component of therapeutic Asian perfume oils. Ayurveda is a brand of medicine centered on a healthy lifestyle. It has its origins in India and has existed for about 5000 years. It centers on the treatment of ailments via lifestyle alterations and the adoption of massage, meditation, yoga, as well as dietary change.

The five elements, including water, air, fire, earth, and space, combine in the body as three components called Vatta, Pitta, and Kapha (doshas), according to Ayurveda. It is believed that a balance in these doshas is what is needed for a healthy body.

Benefits Of Ayurveda

There are many benefits of practicing Ayurveda, and these benefits include:

  • Reduction of stress.
  • It helps to improve flexibility.
  • It improves stamina and strength.
  • The use of Yoga, which is also a Singapore souvenir, has been known to be beneficial in the treatment of arthritis, asthma, high blood pressure, etc.

The practice of yoga has become popular all over the world to promote wellbeing, and the recovery from longterm illness has been made possible owing to the combination of conventional medicine with Ayurveda.

Just like conventional medicines, Herbal ayurvedic drugs may trigger some allergic reactions. So you must discuss with your personal physician on what is best for you.

With your health in mind, we have come up with this orchid scent to help you lead a healthy life. A lot of people are coming down with illnesses at an alarming rate, and as Asia is the home tropical and natural medicine, we are taking the lead in ushering you into health and wholeness.

While conventional or orthodox medicine focuses on cures, our traditional medicines focus on preventions. This is achieved by helping you to strike a balance between your mind, body, and spirit.

  • Triphala

The Triphala is an ingredient in the Ayurvedic style of medicine. It is has been used for multiple purposes, including the treatment of stomach ailments and dental cavities. It consists of several medicinal herbs, and thus, it is called a polyherbal medicine. Extra therapeutic effectiveness is achieved from the combination of synergistic herbs. Research has shown that this synergistic herb taken is more effective than any component taken that is consumed alone.

Composition Of The Triphala

The Triphala is made of;

  • The Amla: which is also called the Indian gooseberry. These berries have a sour taste and are fibrous in texture. They are effective in the treatment of constipation, and several studies have proven that they are efficient in the prevention of cancer. The Indian gooseberry is rich in vitamin C.
  • Myrobalan: is useful in the treatment of ulcers, asthma, as well as heart disease. Myrobalan contains polyphenols, flavonoids, and anthocyanins. This herb is a powerful antioxidant and a powerful anti-inflammatory agent.
  • Belleric myrobalan: contains gallic and ellagic acids, which beneficial effects on blood sugar level, body weight, as well as insulin sensitivity. They help the pancreas in the secretion of insulin, thereby maintaining a healthy blood sugar level.

General Benefits Of Triphala

  • The flavonoids, polyphenols, vitamin C, tannins, and present saponin acts as a protective agent in the body. They help in the fight against free radicals.
  • They have anti-inflammatory properties that help to combat arthritis in the joints.
  • Recent studies have disclosed that their supplementation with antioxidants is beneficial against heart disease and improves athletic performances.
  • Researchers concluded that the presence of powerful antioxidants such as gallic acid and polyphenols are capable of fighting cancer cells.

The Asian Traditions is also composed of Guggul, Boswellia (popularly called Frankincense), and many other orchids, which makes it a heritage Singapore orchids perfume.

  • Frankincense

Frankincense is made from the resin of the Boswellia tree. It is found in Africa, India, and the middle east. It is used in Ayurvedic medicine. It has a woody and a spicy smell. Frankincense can be inhaled or absorbed via the skin, depending on what is convenient for you.

Benefits Of This Ingredient

  • It has anti-inflammatory properties and can be beneficial in the treatment of joint osteoarthritis.
  • Frankincense helps in the improvement of gut function. Recent research also disclosed that it helps in the reduction of Crohn’s disease.
  • It has also been used to treat asthma and treat bronchitis. Seventy percent of people who participated in research to test the efficacy of frankincense on asthma reported an improvement in their condition after receiving 300mg Of frankincense three times daily for six weeks.
  • Frankincense also helps to prevent cavities, prevent toothaches, as well as prevent bad breath. This is due to the Boswellic acid present with it.
  • These Boswellic acids may also be effective against certain cancer cells. Another study conducted on the benefit of frankincense on cancerous cells showed that these Boswellic acid helps to inhibit the formation of cancerous cells and could help restrict their growth.

With the many health benefits that the ingredients of Asian Traditions afford us, you will be surprised how much of a nostalgic Singapore souvenir this fragrant is when you begin to reap the health benefits that have been stored in one bottle.

This is not just Singapore souvenir; it was manufactured for you in our mind. A lot of research has been made to assure you that this orchid scent does not only remind you of the fantastic history and tradition of medicine focused on prevention but to give you that Asian smell.

Wrapping It Up

This orchid perfume is an indication that we are committed to promoting a form of medicine that is centered on prevention rather than cure. Get this corporate gift Singapore for your friends and family too.