Atas - A perfect room fragrance for your overseas friends


 Have you ever heard of the word “Atas” before? You haven’t? Well, you’re about to learn something new!


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Elegant, Sophisticated, high-class; that’s what Atas is. So, imagine having this fragrance in your house; it’s definitely going to leave your space smelling elegant and posh. Now, who wouldn’t want that?

With an Orchid scent, Atas is one of the most sophisticated fragrances you’ll ever come across. Even more, made with therapeutic Asian perfume oils, you can use it as a corperate gift in Singapore,



Get one now and make your house totally “Atas.”



So, Where Does The Name “Atas” Come From?



Atas is actually a “Singlish” compliment. And, Singlish is the colloquial Singaporean English. Lovely, isn’t it?



Amongst some other Singlish words, Atas was only recently added to the Oxford Dictionary back in 2016.



Let’s Introduce You To The Singlish Vocabulary



Singlish happens to be the English patois or creole spoken colloquially within Singapore. Now, you should know that along with Tamil, Mandarin, and Malay, English is one of the official languages used in Singapore.



Also, Singlish has its unique syntax and slang that are used mostly in informal speeches. This is the case even though English is the lexifier language in Singapore. Even more, Singlish is a combination of not just Malay, Tamil, Mandarin, and English, but also a mixture of these and other local dialects like Teochew, Cantonese, and Hokkien.



Additionally, some loan words from the languages mentioned above, like “pek chek,” can be used to express frustration or annoyance. And as mentioned, they are used in casual conversations between Singaporeans. This is because some of these Singlish phrases are usually avoided in formal events since some people see them as unedifying.



Singlish Dictionaries



A lot of efforts have been put into compiling lexicons of Singlish; while some of these efforts were mostly for entertainment, some were done for scholarly purposes.



Lagi Goondu! And Eh, Goondu! By Sylvia Toh Paik Choo in 1986 and 1982 are two early humorous works on Singlish dictionaries. Fast-forward to 1997, The 2ndedition of the Times-Chambers Essential English Dictionary was printed. This edition remains the only formal dictionary with a substantial number of Singlish phrases that have ever been published.



In this publication, the sub-entries, as well as the entries, were organized alphabetically with that traditional English entries. Also, a list of some common phrases and words that were adopted from local languages like Malay and Hokkien were arranged in an appendix. And, as mentioned earlier, no editions were published after the 2ndedition.



Some Amazing Singlish Words



“Ai See” – Used in describing someone on thin ice



“So Shiok” - Awesome



“Leng Zai” - A Handsome Man



“Leng Zai” – A Beautiful Girl



“Bo Jio” – To never invite



“Anything Lor” -When you can’t decide what you “Anything Lor.”



“Guai Lan” - People who are difficult to deal with



“Pai Seh” - Apologetic remark to show embarrassment



“Kao Pei Kao Bu (KPKB)” - People who fuss over little things



“Siao” - Response to a crazy idea



“Atas”- Completely elegant or sophisticated



To Wrap It Up



Well, now you see that there’s more to “Atas” than meets the eye. If you want your house to ooze elegance and high class or maybe you want a Singapore souvenir, then you definitely want to go for this orchid perfume.