Benefits of functional scents & essential oils & why they make you happy!

An emotional experience is mysterious, transient, and powerful. Like immersive spaces, it excites, evokes, and evolves. Our senses tell us things that no one else does. The function of perfume plays a very crucial role in our everyday lives. What is the function of beauty scents? A functional fragrance can re-enact, reveal, and remake immersive spaces, experiences, and emotions through scents that capture the essence in a bottle.


A focus on inner well-being and beautifying spaces

Aromachology is the study of aromas on human behaviour and wellbeing. When it comes to the function of beauty fragrance, they evoke positive and relaxing emotions that lift you into a higher place. A fragrance with a function can be designed to help you reset at times of high stress. They evoke feeling and beauty, support and promote wellbeing.  Scents aid in relaxation, boost energy, or trigger a positive emotion.



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Data has proven a real connection between your cognitive function and olfactory system. Scent is one of the quickest ways to alter your emotional state, allowing you to feel calmer, more composed, and less stressed. Due to the proximity of the nose to the brain, and also the limbic system which holds and connects memory and emotion, we can shift our mood in the moment. We can change the trajectory of our emotional response to a more positive and empowering perspective.


With aromatherapy, you can re-wire negative patterns by clearing old emotions, mental associations, and creating new positive experiences and affirmations. The right functional scent can help you relax, energize, improve skin, address pain, and balance mood and emotions by supporting the immune system. Live in a higher plane with the help of an uplifting scent.


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Why are orchids so essential as natural plants for functional fragrances?


Natural plant molecules are easily recognizable by our bodies and can be processed and excreted, as well as synergized in a way that benefits our wellbeing. This is unlike synthetic aromas which are derived from unnatural ingredients and could potentially cause adverse reactions. Aromatic plant molecules have a powerful effect on our unconscious mind, which controls all emotional, physiological, and psychological response. One profound benefit of functional scent is to help mitigate stress and trigger neurological responses that help to improve our health.


Why are orchids so fragrant? The fragrance of orchids helps them to survive, as it attracts pollinators such as butterflies and bees. The most fragrant orchids usually display themselves with very bold and bright colours which help to increase their attractiveness and signal to pollinators that there’s nectar for them to feed on.

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Singapore Memories conducts extensive research on the olfactory benefits of rare orchid species specific to Asia, the functional expression of orchid fragrance genes, and breeding of orchid hybrids to concoct premium aromatic products with therapeutic effects. We take the time to put together a list of the most fragrant orchids, and what they smell like, to give you a good idea of which orchids you prefer. We provide advice on which pairs go well together and give a breakdown of fragrance complexity and intensity. Customers love collecting our intriguing fragrances, bottle by bottle. Being an artisanal fragrance label backed by world-class olfactive research, we are proud to be a Singaporean brand.

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How they work

Use a functional fragrance anytime you need a mood-boosting lift, or at moments of high stress to re-centre and reset. Talk to us to create a fragrance that will achieve the desired effect that you want. Simply spray the fragrance onto your wrists and neck. Inhale for 8, hold for 4, and exhale for 8.


As a personal fragrance, you can even use a functional scent to help remove the smell of tobacco after smoking, thus eradicating the tobacco smell and disinfecting at the same time. Some orchids have odour removing enzymes suitable for this purpose.



essential oils come from these trees and plants of the forest. Join scentopia for forest bathing


Fragrances may shift and get more complex the longer you smell them. For instance, you may originally smell a citrus scent, which gradually shifts to a more floral one the longer you smell it. Citrus-based scents are typically perceived as energetic; vanilla and rose as romantic; and spice as masculine.


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Functional scents in our lives

Scent and emotion have always been inextricably linked. Starting from as simple as a signature scent created by a hotel chain to evoke specific emotions and keep guests coming back for that one-of-a-kind experience. Or creating signature scents as wedding gifts or wedding favours evoking timeless memories of an ethereal romance. Functional scents was a major beauty trend sweeping the world in the past few years and will continue to be so, especially in a post-pandemic world where many are in search of integrative wellness practice and mind-body experiences.

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Quality and efficacy in Singapore

To identify a good functional fragrance, you should look out for premium ingredients that are sustainably sourced and handpicked. Also, the raw materials should be high in purity, quality and efficacy. Look for transparency and traceability in terms of ingredients, quality, supply chain, and safety. You can trust us for cleanly formulated, complex and beautiful functional scents with synergistic effects, inspired by local flora and Singapore’s heritage. Contact our team today to dive into the world of orchid fragrances.


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