History of Singapore Girl Perfume - A scented heritage of our beautiful Garden City

History of Singapore Girl Perfume

“Perfume is an art that makes memory speak.” -Francis Kurkdjian

The creators of Singapore Girl Perfume were Misses Christina Balsara, that is the daughter of Lee Chong Miow, the head of Lee and Fletcher Co. and Mister Dadi Balsara, who was the son of the soil, who came from a humble background, and was able to become a billionaire.

Singapore girl revival of iconic and historic scent by singapore memories

 When Ms. Christina left Singapore she was able to visit museums and appreciate art and it was on this trip where she found her calling to create Singapore Scents. The amazing thing that as soon as she came back she developed Singapore Girl.

Soon, Perfume of Orient owned by Ms. Christina and Perfumes of Singapore owned by Mr. Balsara come together and form Perfumes of Singapore Pte Ltd in the early 70s.

As soon as Singapore Girl hit the market it became very popular because the fragrance is caring, warm, gentle, elegant, and serene. It was an expensive perfume back in those days, but it was bought by locals and tourists and sold well at department stores, and hotels.

In 1977, Singapore Girl received the Singapore Manufacturers Association’s top prize for design and packing.


A quick look at the past…

Price List from 1970s

  • ¼ ounce $39
  • ½ ounce $49
  • 1 ounce $69

Just imagine that with inflation 1 ounce or 30 milliliters of Singapore Girl today will be $448.71.

Singapore Girl Perfume: Best Perfume For Her

In the 1960s and 1970s Perfumes of Singapore, also known as Perfumes of the Orient, produced the scent series called “Girl”. The new scent series included:

  • Australian Girl
  • California Girl
  • Hawaii Girl
  • Hong Kong Girl and
  • Singapore Girl


Of these series, the most popular was Singapore Girl. As with all businesses Singapore Girl Perfume was selling incredibly well from 1975 to 1983.

As you can imagine the Singapore Girl Perfume become very popular and even today many women look for the unique fragrance at various antique auctions, online and offline. Back in the day, the Singapore Girl Perfume was sold in most stores, malls,  and onboard Singapore Airlines.

In 2008 the company closed down and in 2016 Perfume of Singapore was re-registered by Singapore Memories, and have started selling Reves De Singapour and Singapore Girl again.

The revival of old and iconic Singapore Girl Perfume was a brilliant move as it is designed for traditional, and sexy girls.

As we mentioned before Singapore Girl Perfume was launched in the 1960s, and it becomes an instant hit for all women who wanted to evoke the elegance, sophistication, and prettiness of the Singapore Girl.

In 2006 the production ended leaving a new generation without this beautiful scent. Since 2014 Singapore Memories has been producing it is hand-crafted, small batches. They take the original creation and present the same old beautiful fragrance.

Singapore Girl Perfume is for a girl who knows how to balance traditional expectations with modern demands. This girl knows how to manage expectations, but at the same time is carefree and enjoys her independence.

This amazing fragrance is created with a soft-citrus scent. 

Singapore Girl Perfume was created to enhance your mood as it will help you lift your spirits. It would help you reflect your mood. Whether you are feeling playful, mischievous, timid, reserved, beautiful or even sexy.

The best way to boost your confidence is by wearing Singapore Girl Perfume with just a dash of this powerful fragrance you will feel wonderful. And of course, this fragrance is rich in pheromones so it will make you attractive.

Finally, Singapore Girl was awarded Best Fragrance for Her by Beauty Insider. As this is a reminder that good things never die. Singapore’s Memories’ main goal is to bring back that vintage scent to life.


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