Iconic Singaporean women perfumes of all times- Vanda 1981 (Femme)

Best Singaporean women Orchid perfumes from Singapore Memories- Vanda 1981 (Femme)

For a woman, her looks are the most important aspect of her personality. They have this inborn instinct to look good all the time! By looks we also mean the abstract things which matter such as smell and style. Yes, women have this addiction to smell good. According to a survey, 65 percent females are into strong fragrances and they also prefer males who wear strong fragrances.


Vanda 1981 best perfume for her singapore Sg

Perfumes also help to boost your confidence. Although it is not a mythical magic potion, it rather reassures your mind that you have nothing to worry about. Especially when it comes to the body odor, which is the most important aspect of your personality. A scent that suits you can work wonders on your personality, be a morale booster, and like a perfect partner, bring out the best in you on all occasions.

Perfume also tends to enhance your mood. Your mood is what you feel at a certain moment, or what you expect to feel at certain moments or occasions. The kind of scent you wear helps in expressing that mood to others. Whether you feel joyous, mischievous or even reserved, different perfumes can channelize your different moods. All you need to ensure is wear one that suits the occasion so that you can get in the mood needed for the occasion.

perfect gift orchid scent Vanda 1981 best perfume for her singapore Sg

The perfume you wear has the power to make you appear more attractive. This is because the sense of smell being one of the most important of the five senses. Your fragrance is the first impression of you as you enter a place, and the lasting impression when you leave. Perfumes contain a large number of pheromones which can make you appear more attractive to people, while also establishing the above-mentioned fact of leaving a lasting impression of being pleasant and memorable.

Moreover, perfumes also play a major role in triggering memories. Have you ever felt the scent of a pizza and suddenly remember your favorite choice of pizza and the place you bought it from? Or do you tend to recognize someone by the way they smell? Perfumes trigger memories of people in the mind, which can be an advantage for you. Your unique signature perfume is your reputation. The uniqueness of the perfume you use will distinguish and trigger memories of you in other people. Simply put, it can direct their mind’s attention to you, which can definitely aid in climbing the ladder of success.


Vanda mis joaquim scent 1981 best perfume for her singapore Sg

A more interesting psychology oriented importance of wearing perfume is aromatherapy. There are certain scents such as floral, citrus fruit, and winter spice help that calm the mind and soothe your body. This also ensures that your stress levels stay in control. The essential oils contained in perfumes have therapeutic effects to help you relax and sleep better at night, thus helping avert insomnia.

It is also true that the smell of a fragrance changes throughout the day. While creating a fragrance, the chemistry of the skin and the raw materials used causes a perfume to change over time. The composition of a perfume suggests that it has top notes, heart notes, and base notes. The top notes are the most delicate and are not very long-lasting. Heart notes are based on herbal, floral and spice notes which last longer but you will be able to smell the base notes the longest. Base notes are usually made from wood, amber, and musk.


heritage orchids Vanda 1981 best perfume for her singapore Sg

History of women fragrance

The first perfume maker was a woman named Tapputi. She was a chemist by profession but stories about her have been found on clay tablets from Mesopatamia in second millennium BC. Throughout the year's perfumes have evolved and used in different ways by different civilizations.

Great Egyptian leaders like Queen Cleopatra and Queen Hatshepsut are believed to have been using fragrances to scent their bodies, quarters, bath and even took perfume with them to the grave.


Vanda 1981 best perfume for her singapore Sg

Perhaps the most iconic Singaporean women perfumes of all times- Vanda 1981 (Femme)

This is the most needed addition to the list of most loved perfumes. This is a perfect example of reinventing the classic connection and creating a perfect chorus with heritage and history.

Vanda is the most usual choice for perfumery notes, because of its soft, haunting, and feminine fragrance. Another interesting attribute of this perfume is it being a mischievous yet gentle perfume, for a smart and curious lady, ready to explore the world.

It is made with one of the most famous Singaporean Vanda is Vanda Miss Joaquim, the national flower. It was picked from among 40 flowers, particularly for its vibrant colors, hardiness, and resilience – qualities that reflect the Singapore spirit. There are other Famous Vanda such as Vanda Shah Rukh Khan; Vanda William Catherine amongst a very long list.


Being the most important accessory, perfume holds an important position for your overall persona. Besides the attraction aspect, it is the most vital accessory for your own being adding on to your confidence, making you feel better and fresh helping you to shine.