One Degree North - Orchid perfume from Native Orchids of Singapore

One Degree North - Orchid perfume from Native Orchids of Singapore


one degree north best orchid scent form singapore

Inspired by Singapore’s equatorial flora, Singapore Memories created One Degree North and infused it with the timeless notes of a variety of orchids grown in the ideal conditions of the area. The perfume celebrates and captures the beauty of the surrounding equatorial rain forests, the native orchids and the fresh breeze from the surrounding seas. New-age notes of Sea-Salt and Aqua, topped with Citrus have boosted the timeless notes of the orchids to create a refreshing scent for the carefree man, explorer and voyager.

Orchids are the iconic flowers of Singapore, but what many don’t know is that they are resilient and adaptable in climatic extremes and that’s why people grow them successfully all over the world. That is one of the reasons why people forget that most species are tropical plants that thrive on warmth and humidity.

Most people don’t know that 75% of orchids are fragrant and they release their scent only when it’s time to attract their pollinators, a tactic they use to conserve energy.

Amazingly, some species have beautiful aromas that are suited to perfume making, while others are far less appealing fragrance wise and only offer visual appeal. One of the most interesting facts about orchids is that some actually release two different fragrances within one day, a different fragrance in the morning to the one released in the evening.

One weird combination includes the Caasetum expansum which smells of turpentine in the morning and rye bread in the afternoon! On the other hand, Encyclia fragrans smells of honey in the morning and vanilla in the evening. One of the most uplifting and aroma filling combinations is the epidendrum falcatum with its delicate, haunting scent of jasmine early in the day that then resembles a strong note of Easter lilies or narcissi later in the day.

Just some of the finest fragranced orchids are thunia marshialliana with its orange flavor, zygopetalum intermedium and its rosy/lilac fragrance, and cycnoches chlorochilon and its penetrating jasmine fragrance.

The orchid industry has had its ups and downs over the decades when exports began in 1939. Growers have won many international awards for their high-quality plants at flower shows. However, they do have fierce competition from their neighbors, Thailand and Taiwan, and unfortunately rising costs linked to shrinking land availability, and increasing labor costs are putting the growers industry under pressure, but farmers are not giving up on their beloved flower so easily. Many are implementing sophisticated greenhouse systems that use some of the latest technology to regulate growing conditions and many farmers continue to create hybrids, while keeping to the local tradition of naming the after celebrities.

The tropical rainforest climate gives the area its year round uniform temperature and tropical rainfall. Even though urbanization has cost Singapore 95% of its forests, the nation has a policy of wildlife preservation that has seen 10% of land set aside for parks and nature reserves, in order to boost fauna and flora. The city of Singapore has become known as the “Garden City” because of these efforts and its beautiful Botanic Gardens area, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the first for the country.

Even though many consider Singapore to be a business hub, a lot of visitors do pass through to partake in conferences and business meetings; the last few decades have seen an increase in tourism for some of its other beautiful attractions. These include the delicious food, exciting shopping areas, medical tourism and some thrilling outdoor activities. Surrounded by water, Singapore offers everything from surfing to some exhilarating diving and whether tourists want to just get into the water to cool off, or whether they want to take part in an adventure they have a huge variety of options to choose from.

One of the most important aspects of the Singaporean culture cannot be allowed to lose its brilliance and Singapore Memories has created a range of unique fragrances that also  include notes from the iconic plant that is linked to its past; a plant that will most certainly continue to play a huge role in its future.

With a year round summer due to Singapore’s unique location, the surrounding nature and sea that allow for plenty of adventures, it was not difficult for Singapore Memories to find the inspiration for the creation of the refreshing One Degree North. Visitors to beautiful Singapore can now take back a great souvenir home with them - the carefree sense of adventure in their bottle of One Degree North to enjoy or to gift to someone special.