Peranakan Oud – a rare perfume dedicated to the Peranakans of Singapore by Singapore Memories

Peranakan Oud  - A deep, soul-searching aroma, Peranakan Oud is a unisex perfume at the heart of the Singapore Memories collection. New facets of emotion can freely be explored in this poetic scent made up of a collection of unique and surprising olfactory notes.

Peranakan® Oud is the very heart of our collection. This unisex orchid amber scent is great for singaporean and singapore weather

The Peranakan culture is picked up through the unique aromas of this perfume that make it a perfect tourist souvenir to take back home or a luxurious corporate gift. The orchid fragrance uses classic Oud and softens it with Tonka bean, Praline, and Green tobacco leaves.

The Peranakan Culture

Peranakan, which literally means “Child of the Land”, describes the families in Singapore descended from Chinese and Indian settlers. In Singapore, their culture goes back to the 15th century. Historically, the Peranakan were traders and they embrace the culture of the people of Singapore and the influences from colonial culture.

At the time, these men who came to trade often took slave wives from the surrounding areas and moved around between the countries of the region. The Singaporean Peranakans married Malay and Indonesian women. The traditions of these people are a mix of ethnic with a touch of the colonial nations within the region, Portuguese, Dutch and British. They also have a lot of Indonesian influences and the men are referred to as ‘baba’ and women as ‘Nonya’.

Singapore still has a rich Peranakan tradition and the exotic flavors their food was inspired by the Chinese, Malay and Indonesian cuisine. Referred to as Nonya food, the dishes have been adapted to include pork and Babi Pongteh is a famous pork dish with salted bean paste. The famous Beef Rendang is loved by locals and visitors to Singapore with its heavenly combination of spices and coconut milk.  The delicate flavors are created with indigenous herbs and spices and chilies and their wok cooking techniques are impressive. No visit to Singapore can be complete without a visit to some of the restaurants that serve the delicious Peranakan cuisine.

The architecture of the Peranakan is as rich as their culture and reflects their love of color and Emerald Hill and Joo Chiat have some lovely examples of their colorful and ornate homes. Emerald Hill was built between 1901 and 1925 and has some fine examples of Chinese Baroque architecture. This chic neighborhood has some trendy coffee shops and bars.

The Peranakans express themselves through their clothing and dressing up is of significance to them. Their beautiful blouse-dress combinations are known as nyonya kebayas and are characterized by their intricate embroidery. Besides, they also combine these with intricately beaded footwear, exquisite jewelry, and ornaments.

Their love of trade persists and Peranakan shophouses are littered across Singapore for people to enjoy the shopping experience. If you are still fascinated you can hop over to the Peranakan Museum on Armenian Street to learn more about the history of their colorful multi-faceted culture. The museum has three stories of documents, artifacts, accessories and wedding rituals to explore.

Peranakan Oud ingredients

Oud still remains one of the most desirable and expensive perfume ingredients in the world today. A perfume inspired by the Peranakan could not omit to have it as one of its facets. The tropical Agar tree yields this scent from a resin that is triggered by mold and it is extremely rare as it’s only found in 2% of trees.  The aroma of Oud in Peranakan Oud is slightly softened with the use of the Tonka Bean, Praline and Green Tobacco.

Peranakan oud is a scent like never before. this unique aroma will remind you of amber, sandalwood and orchids

The tonka bean has been used in perfumery since 1793 when the French people were first introduced to it. Native to South America, it is the seed of the kumara plant. They have a characteristic vanilla-like flavor, and their scent is reminiscent of cinnamon, saffron, almonds, and cloves and has the right notes for use in a perfume with oriental influences.

Praline adds just the right touch of sweetness needed to touch the heart and create the poetic feel desired by its creator.

This unique mix of ingredients has created a scent that is refined, tender, warm and woody. Peranakan Oud can be enjoyed by men and women and its creator best describes that it can “only be experienced, not explained”.

Peranakan Oud, the orchid perfume from Singapore Memories that literally transports you to the rich colors, cultures and influences of the Peranakan people of Singapore every time that you wear it. Buy it as a corporate gift or take it back with you as a tourist souvenir and enjoy its unique notes.

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