Scent of Calm Orient – Singapore memories

Scent of Calm Orient – Singapore memories

The Orient is a beautiful scent that transports the senses and mind to the calming Orient. Representing the mindfulness immersion of nature with the calming scent of the still waters, it is the beauty of Asia in a bottle of scent. This scent was created with both men and women in mind.

Orient oriental perfume unisex for every singapore girl and men what a nice perfume and aroma The pure balance was created by adding Agarwood, Sandalwood, Neroli, Rose, Champaka and other Asian flowers.

The orchid scent is combined with Agarwood, Sandalwood, Neroli, Rose, Champaka and other Asian flowers to create a fragrance that matches the spirituality of the East.

The Orient by Singapore Memories is the perfect corporate gift from Singapore and a treasured Singapore souvenir that will transport you back to the calming Orient every time that you spray it on you.

Scent of Calm – A pure balance of ingredients

Only a perfect mix of perfume ingredients can combine to give the calming effect of The Orient in an inspiring unisex scent.


Agarwood, the provider of Oud is the most expensive perfume ingredient in the world. For centuries, the wood has been used to make incense for religious and festive celebrations. Even though it has a sweet fragrance, it is well balanced and blends beautifully with other perfume ingredients. The irony of this precious ingredient is that it only forms as a reaction to a fungal attack to the tree. Found throughout Asia, Oud is the perfect addition to an Oriental scent.


Another perfume ingredient that comes from a tree and provides us with one of the most expensive woods in the world today is sandalwood. The oil of the sandalwood tree has a distinctive fragrance that has made it popular. However, the tree has to be at least 15 years old before it can yield high levels of aromatic oils. With a warm, smooth soft and creamy wood scent, it is popular in oriental scents and also enhances the longevity of the other ingredient in the scent.


The blossoms of the bitter orange tree give us the sweet, distinctive scent of neroli, an ingredient that is loved in the perfume industry. Even though the tree is native to Italy, its sweet-floral fragrance gives the right balance of citrus to many perfumes since it blends well with other fragrant oils.


Not all roses smell the same and the damask rose is the one used most in the perfume industry. The modern English Rose is different but is also used in perfumes. Natural rose oil has been a popular addition to perfumes in the orient for centuries and its distillation is an expensive process. 


The magnolia champaca is an evergreen tree native to the southern parts of Asia. The flowers are strongly fragrant and the tree blooms from June to September. According to Tibetan beliefs, the tree offers enlightenment and the fragrance has been used in the emples of the East for centuries, especially in India.

Orchid scent and Asian Flowers

It is amazing to read that orchids have been around for 80 million years and have adapted to a variety of environments. Most orchids never touch the ground as they grow and in tropical climates, they grow on tree trunks, rocks, and branches.

Orchids don’t share a smell characteristic and with almost 30,000 species of the plant, some have beautiful floral scents and others are terribly unpleasant to smell. The pollinator is the element that defines what the fragrance of each species will be and bees and butterflies opt to pollinate the sweeter smelling flowers, while flies pollinate the ones with distinct rotting flavors.

Some orchids even have two types of scents that they emit one in the morning and one in the evening. An interesting fact about orchids is that they only emit a fragrance while pollinating in order to conserve energy.

Cultivated orchid growing in Singapore has been an ongoing tradition for over 100 years now and these growers provide us with some of the finest oils to produce a perfume that can take its wearer to the highest level of Oriental relaxation.

The Orient makes the perfect gift

When in Singapore don’t forget to organize to give this Orchid scent of spirituality, meditation and stress relief as a corporate gift or take it home as a souvenir for you and your loved ones. Enjoy its calming effects and let the scent transport you to the sense of calm that you have every time you come to the Orient. Squirt The Orient by Singapore Memories on you every morning and feels its calming effects on you through your busy day and it makes the perfect finish to your beauty routine at the end of the day.