Singapore Girl (Femme) – Revival of An Award Winning Fragrance

For every girl that aspires to keep a balance between the traditional, suave and sexy, Singapore Memories has revived the iconic Singapore Girl.

Singapore girl best scent for her in sg a great gift and perfect souviner

Winning the 2019 Beauty Insider Femme Fragrance Newcomer Award, Singapore Girl brings back popular memories of the women of the past that inspired the girls of today. Younger generations of girls can now revel in the scent of the free-thinking, inspiring generation that cherished it for over two decades.

singapore girl orchid perfume 1960 old heritage scent from sg

Like in the past, when every visitor to Singapore wanted to buy a bottle of Singapore Girl Perfume to take back home to a loved one or as a corporate gift, so today the new Singapore Girl is the perfect souvenir to take back home to evoke thoughts of a memorable Singapore stay.

This fragrance is an ode to every girl who understands how to balance the demands of the modern world with traditional expectations, while never losing sight of her need to be carefree and independent.

Can the fragrance of traditional expectations, balanced with the need to be carefree and independent be captured in a bottle? Obviously the master perfumers at Singapore Memories can create it by using the most exotic oils and essences to create the beautiful scent of Singapore Girl.

singapore girl a perfect scent for a lady a women of today sg


Soft-citrus is the top note that blends with the scents of lotus and water-lily in the heart of the perfume. Teak-wood is the perfect finish for the refreshing scent that wafts from the wearer of this iconic celebration to the aspirations of women today. Singapore Girl is a scent that is as refreshing and enticing as a stroll on the white sandy beaches of the island of Sentosa.

Citrus notes have the distinct characteristic of giving perfumes long-lasting freshness and in combination with the woody, yet earthy notes of teak-wood that add the needed depth. The lotus flower has an enveloping fragrance and is cultivated widely in Asia for the perfume industry. It grows in streams and ponds and unlike the water-lily that grows on leaves that float on the surface of the water; the lotus flower grows on top of a tall stalk.

Together, these ingredients create an unforgettable fragrance that will announce the wearer’s unmistakable entrance, recreating unforgettable moments spent in Singapore and the carefree moments of Sentosa Island.

Sentosa is the fourth largest of the islands around the main island. It is 5 square kilometers of fun things to do and visitors from Singapore and abroad flock to the island to take in some of the action. Beautiful beaches, five star hotels nestled in lush vegetation and vibrant beach parties are just some of the attractions for visitors.

Be the bearer of a beautiful gift from Singapore and present Singapore Girl to the woman who manages to embrace her traditional, suave and sexy side every moment of the day. Singapore Memories has created the perfect corporate gift that suits the woman that knows how to balance modern demands with traditional expectations. Singapore Girl is free and independent but knows how to manage her life so that she can meet all expectations.



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