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When you think of Singapore, you think of green cities, beautiful bays and cleanliness. Especially the latter is a big trait the people of Singapore have. Some insipring women are known for wearing enchanting perfumes and this inspired the creation of the Singapore Girl perfume! This is perfect gift for someone living abroad and missing their dear Singapore.

Singapore has grown a lot in the recent years and is quick at keeping up with technologies and modernity’s. At the same time, perfumes have changed as well and the old Singapore signatures scent was close to disappearing off of the market. That’s why we decided to let this tradition live on forever through the new Singapore Girl Perfume.

This perfume is an ode to the original Singapore Girl Perfume with its signature scent of Lotus, Water lilies, citrus and teak-wood giving it a nice and long-lasting finish. So, if you’ve missed the original Singapore Girl scent since it was taken off the shelves in 2007, this is the perfect perfume for you!


Singapore girl perfume best scent for a lady and girl who loves singaporean heritage

Let the scents take you on a magical journey across the world. The lilies take you to Asia with its parks full of Sakura cherry blossom trees and the beautiful waterlilies spread across the ponds. The teak-wood brings you back to the days you went to visit those big teak forests with your family and the slight scent of citrus makes you long for the summer days from your youth.

What to wear it with

When smelling like pure beauty, it’s important to add this beauty to your looks as well. Singapore Girl has a soft, feminine scent which matches well with soft, pastel-like tones in your clothing. Go for more natural colours like soft pink, petal green or lily blue.

As for make-up, it’s best to go with warm and soft colours as well. A bit of blush on the cheeks and a beautiful pink eyeshadow with a bit of mascara and a pink gloss over your lips makes you look ethereal. 

When wearing these outfits and perfume, you want to leave a great impression everywhere you go. And you will! Wearing this scent will bring back the memories of the times when the perfume first came out, leaving people nostalgic and wanting more. Combined with a long, flowing skirt and a soft coloured blouse, or a wide, colourful dress, this scent will suit you perfectly. You can wear this every day or to special events, it’s all up to you.

The Singapore Girl Perfume is a great gift to give a loved one. They will be reminded of you every time they put it on and you will enjoy the goddess-like looks they seem to get when wearing it. Give it as a token of appreciation and your love will be returned.


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