So who or what Is Singapore Girl?

What Is Singapore Girl?

When you are looking for an iconic perfume with a complete history, then you need to check out Singapore Girl.

While the Singapore Girl may be new to you, the truth is that the Singapore Girl perfume was born back in the 1960s. However, its production stopped back in 2006.

Singapore girl the best & most iconic scent for singaporean girls perfume scent & fragrance with ordhid essential oils

The truth is that this is the kind of perfume that every girl and woman like. After all, it comes with a unique scent that shows a brilliant mix of notes.


For Modern And Traditional Woma 

No matter if you see yourself as a modern or more a traditional woman, the reality is that you will love the Singapore Girl. The truth is that this is the type of perfume that adapts to different personalities and to all ages. And this is why it is so unique.


The Inspiration

The inspiration for the Singapore Girl came from girls who want to be more than just mums. They want to be mums but they also want to be independent, have their own careers, be successful. And they are willing to work hard to accomplish all their goals. 

When you see yourself in this description, then the Singapore Girl is definitely for you. And while the production of the Singapore Girl stopped back in 2006, we are making it come back. In fact, we have been selling small batches ever since 2004. But only now we are prepared to deal with more customers just like you.


The Final Touches

To ensure that you get a unique fragrance, you will be glad to know that the top of the Singapore Girl creation is soft-citrus. Besides, you will probably also notice some scents of water-lily and lotus that make the hart of this unique perfume as well as some teak wood finishes. These are added to give a more refreshing ode and we are certain that you're going to love it.

When you are looking for a perfume that is not only pleasant but that it also matches your personality and lasts for the entire day, then you need to check out the Singapore Girl.

Bottom Line

While we understand that there are plenty of perfumes and fragrances out there that you either love or hate, the reality is that we are sure that the Singapore Girl won't leave you wondering. We are sure that as soon as you try it, you will have chosen a perfume for life.


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