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Orchids by the Bay

The Singaporean orchid, coming from the Orchidaceae family, is a very diverse and widespread flower. It has beautiful scent and flowers are very fragrant. It’s a long-living plant that will regrow every year with the right care. There are about 28 thousand different species of this flower, some even growing to be a few metres tall! Orchids by the bay is infused with these beautiful scent notes.

orchids by the bay an oil serum scent of clean and romantic singapore . perfect for honeymooners

The origin of the Orchid goes back to about fifteen to twenty million years ago with the most species of Orchids growing in Asia, and with it, Singapore. They, particularly the therapeutic orchid products are the best souvenirs to take back home.

Many orchids have very fragrant flowers and the ‘Vanilla’ Orchid is most commonly used for adding flavour and scent to food, perfumes and drinks. The Vanda ‘Miss Joaquim’ is one of the most common orchid in Singapore, it’s is national flower as well. This flower grows freely throughout the country and can grow up to twelve buds and four blossoming flowers at a time. The petals on the top are a rosy kind of violet and the bottom petals are more coloured like mauve (a purple colour).

 orchids by the bay scent best perfume from singapore a souviner for overseas friends

Orchids by the Bay is a perfume developed by the brand ‘Singapore Memories’, providing every scent with something signature to Singapore, whether it be the women, coasts or flowers. Orchids by the bay perfectly resembles a long walk at dusk along the bay, smelling the seawater in combination with the orchids growing alongside the road. It’s the perfect combination of feminine beauty with the free-spirit of the sea.

How and when to wear this perfume

This perfume is directed at the women who love and long for freedom. Freedom to explore who they are and where their capabilities lay, but also freedom to be who they want to be. It also resembles their beauty in their strength, making them a strong role-model for every little girl. These women choose what they want and they choose their men as well.  

Gifting this perfume to such a woman will show her respect from you. How you admire her beauty and intelligence. It is the perfect gift for a girlfriend, wife or sister who you want to support. As a mother, gifting this perfume to your daughter shows that you admire her strength and she will go on to explore the world.

This perfume is vibrant, which pairs well with vibrant colours. Deep pink, sea blue and cheerful orange are great examples of this. The best makeup to wear with this perfume is bold eyeshadow, bringing all the attention to your eyes. Combined with a bright red lipstick you will certainly steal the show.

However, during the day, you don’t even need to wear makeup at all. You can choose to bring the attention to your clothing by wearing a loose, colourful dress combined with a pair of slippers and a big sun-hat. Making you look like beautiful flowers dancing in the salty wind of the sea.

 best and brilliant flowers of sg singapore make this a perfect scent for fresh climate and for a beautiful girl lady

This perfume is for the big dreamers and the bold woman we all are, deep inside. Wear it and show it!