Therapeutic orchids of Asia by Singapore Memories : Brachycorythis

Therapeutic orchids of Asia by Singapore Memories : Brachycorythis

Did you know that orchids are one of the largest plant families around and each individual orchid species has a unique look? Just like human-being, each of us have a unique body scent which is why the same perfume will smell differently on different people.

orchids have great scent and singapor ememories has turned them into fantastic perfumes for him and her . room fragrances are also nice

Individual’s pH balance, fluctuating hormones and diet affect our scents, resulting in the different perfume smells on paper blotters as compared to on our skin. As a result, one might find it difficult to find a perfect perfume that matches their liking when it is on their skin. However, in Jetaime Perfumery, you will be able to craft out your own perfume that best suits yourself. They have over 140 ingredients, mainly natives’ orchids of Singapore for you to immerse in. Not only did they provide workshop for individual or couples, they also handle bridal showers or team building.

Have you ever wondered what other benefits does an orchid have, that are usually being neglected? Apart from being use as a visual decoration or fragrance’s scents in many daily necessities, orchids also have therapeutic uses such as the one listed below.

Brachycorythis obcordata (Lindl.) Summerh, a species under Brachycorythis genus can be found in India, Bhutan, Myanmar or in Nepal. Medicinal usage of this plant is popular in Nepal but this species is under threat due to excessive cattle grazing and overexploitation as vegetable and as a medicinal plant in Nepal. The locals use the root is an astringent, expectorant, antidiarrhoeal, with use as a tonic. Moreover, the boiled pseudobulbs, leaves and shoots are also cooked and eaten.


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