Therapeutic orchids of Asia by Singapore Memories : Fantastic Appendicula

Therapeutic orchids of Asia by Singapore Memories : Fantastic Appendicula

Have you heard before the saying that “breakfast is the most important part of your day” but I say, “perfume is the most important invisible accessories of everyone’s life”. Perfume fragrances speaks one personality and mood of the day thus it is essential to start your day with the right perfume. In Jet’aime Perfumery Workshop, you can get to know your own personality and mix a perfume that best suits you. They offer not only individual workshop but couples, group and corporate team building, so if you are looking for interesting weekend activities, Jet’aime Perfumery should be on your list.  Moreover, if you are an orchids lover, there is no doubt you will enjoy the wonderful orchids scent that were discovered by Jet’aime.

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Nonetheless, other than using orchids for perfume and decorations, there are many other uses for them. Orchids are one of the biggest family in the floral world, there are many orchids that have therapeutic purposes and are still being use today. One of the orchids genus that have therapeutic uses is the Appendicula Blume. Event thought It has over 160 species, distributed throughout Southeast Asia, only one of the species have therapeutic uses.

Appendicula cornuta Blume


Appendicula cornuta is the most common species of the genus of Appendicula and is normally found on lowland in China, Thailand, Malaysia or Indonesia. Maluku uses the juices from the plant’s stems to treat whitlow; an abscess in the soft tissue near a fingernail or toenail.


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Alright, I’m not going to bore you with what’s the ingredients of our perfume.


 Rather, I’m going to match the right perfume with the right outfit for each event you’re attending. I will be using some renowned perfume brands as an example so you can relate better to the scents that I’ll be describing in a moment.

You’re going to work with your favourite outfit. Cute. Now for that additional glam, you’ll need a perfume that match elegant yet sweet. I recommend perfume from our Singapore Memories Range will be @@@. These perfume that I’ve mentioned is not too overpowering, yet enough to be your signature daily perfume; the kind your colleague will remember you for. 

Attending an important meeting or work function? Dressed in your best suit? For the men, here’s the perfect scent for you – Singapore Memories’s Aranda 1965. A scent that exudes confidence and success, and trustworthy. Adds masculinity and character. This scent has been a personal favourite of ours! We love it for its versatility –



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