Therapeutic orchids of Asia by Singapore Memories : Nothing like Arachnis

Therapeutic orchids of Asia by Singapore Memories : Nothing like Arachnis

Style is a way to say who we are without having to speak. Our choice of outfits, hair styles, make up and shoes, all reflects our personality and who we are. The same goes for fragrance. It is an additional invisible accessory that adds the finishing touch to your outfit of the day perfectly. It can play according to your outfit of the day and mood of the day.

Most of us probably buy our fragrances off the shelves. We would spend considerable long a time in perfume shops browsing through different scents to find one that we love and suit us the best.

therapeutic orchids of asia for ayurveda ayurvedic medicine chi balance and for perfumery . great research of orchids of singapore

Have you ever consider creating your own unique scent? No more off the shelves perfumes that could be the same as what others are wearing. Your own unique fragrance crafted by you, for you, according to your own personality. You get your own customized scent that no one else has, and it would suit you completely – the best of both worlds!

Here at Jetaime Perfumery/Perfume Workshop, you can to enjoy this one and only experience. Any interesting aspect of our perfumery is that our selection of ingredients are native orchids of Singapore (our specialty!). You will find lots of interesting types of orchids in our collection.

The orchids ingredients which you will be making your fragrance from, are carefully selected to include orchids with therapeutic purposes.

Let us share a few interesting ones with you!

Arachnis flos-aeris is one of the 4 species under the Arachnis genus.

A distinctive property of this orchid is that it has a strong musk scent prominent when tracking it down.

Medicinal uses: Ibans of Sarawak apply sap from the orchid plant onto the painful site to relieve toothache. 

Arundina graminifolia

This is an amazing orchid, it has a plethora of benefits!

Indianà considered as a traditional medicine, applications of the scrapings of the bulbous stem are used to heal cracks on the skin. It is thought to have antibacterial properties. It was also used for a variety conditions such as hepatitis and jaundice to urinary tract infections, oedema, rheumatic pain, trauma and snake bites.

Yunanà it is used to dispell “heat” and toxicity, antirheumatism, anti-inflammation, diuresis, rheumatism with waist and thigh pain, gastric pain, urethritis, leg oedema and food poisoning.

Guangxià it is used for pain relief, the treatment of bruises, oedema, abdominal pain, intestinal parasitic infestation, jaundice, pulmonary tuberculosis, mental illness, rheumatism and bleeding from knife wounds. 

Interesting isn’t it? How one orchid can provide multiple uses for humankind?




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