Wedding Favours

Weddings are a time of celebration and indulgence. What better way to pamper the bride and groom with custom fragrances with their name beautifully written on handcrafted glass bottles. Singapore Memories is a great place for people looking to get wedding gifts for bride and groom.  Your custom perfume for the couple will be much appreciated by them.

Following Corporate Discounts apply on Bulk buying-

First 11-75 pieces : 10%

Next 76-100 pieces : 20%

Next 101-250 pieces : 25%

Next 251-500 pieces : 30%

Next 501-1000 pieces : 40%

Next 1001+ pieces : 50%




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Weddings souvenirs in Singapore options have come a long way from just simple gifts and common household items.  It is time to surprise 'couples to be' with thoughtful gifts and presents so that they know how much they mean to you. It is a beautiful way to thank them for being your friends and family.


Singapore weddings are all about traditions, family, and our rich rituals.  Receiving and giving gifts during the wedding is a way to tell how much one appreciates the other and also it increases one's bond with one another.  Wedding gifts also include the gifts that you give to the bride's family and other that you give to the groom's family. The third one is gifted you present to wedding guests. Personalised wedding souvenirs are excellent choices for everyone.

A wedding is a big day and that is why it is essential to put a bit more effort in selecting the right kind of gift for the occasion.  Just a little bit of thought and effort always goes a long way to be remembered well by the couple, couple's family and be adept for the occasion. Our team of Singapore Memories 'professionals are here to assist you with your wedding gift or add value/input to your wedding gifts ideas/souvenirs at any time.  Just call us.