Luxurious interior featuring a modern staircase and an elegant perfume bottle highlighting Ang Mo text on the bottle.
Elegant ‘Singapore Memories’ room fragrance named ‘Ang Mo’ in a tall, slender bottle with a spray nozzle, set against a blue backdrop featuring architectural elements and the brand’s crest.
Elegant ‘Singapore Memories’ room fragrance named ‘Ang Mo’ in a tall, slender bottle with a spray nozzle, set against a blue packaging in white background
Elegant ‘Singapore Memories’ perfume gift for her
Luxurious interior lobby with modern staircase and elegant display perfume featuring Singapore memories logo.
Perfect souvenir gift for corporate events ang mo kio  in singapore MICE room scent ang mo kio
A overlay Text of "Ang Mo" in the white background


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Ang Mo® Fragrance

Singapore has lot of Beautiful Colloquial words. This word "Ang Mo" can literally be translated to "Red Haired".

There are lot of stories of the name "Ang Mo®" origin. The term "Ang Mo" in Singapore and Malaysia refers to a white person or Western culture in general. This is a scent of Christmas in an Oak house with snowflakes falling outside. A very warm and comfortable reminder of the house missed by many when they come to Singapore as an Expat.

Another story is that of Mr. John Turnbull Thomson (1821–84), with very distinct red hair. Amongst other things, he was responsible for building a bridge during the colonial era.

The locals often referred to it as Ang Mo Kio or "Red Hair Bridge". Your Scent has notes of Pine cones, Peppermint, Cloves, Ginger, to bring in memories of Colloquial Era, Holidays & Celebration

This strong scent is a charismatic oriental composition. It is versatile as well as scandalaciously sensual as it starts with mysterious freshness of the top notes of Oriental mandarin, Asian white cumin and saffron.

Middle notes have seductive and opulent floral heart of lily, Peppermint , Pine, Ylang-ylang. It also has two famous orchids, namely Cymbidium Finlaysonianum and Maxillaria tenuifolia, both of which smells like fresh coconut.

The base is dominated with rosewood, oak, oakmoss and spiced with cinnamon and young ginger to capture scent of wooden cabins in Europe.

Fragrance is available as room fragrance, perfume, diffuser etc. Corporate Gift Discounts available. Please click here to know more