Online perfume store - Singapore Memories, a perfect Gift for Overseas Friend. Perfume made from Aranda Orchids. Aranda 1965
Singapore online perfume : Singapore Memories, Aranda 1965 a great Orchid Perfume and a perfect souvenir from singapore for your expat friends and family
Online Perfume Store Singapore Memories brings Aranda 1965 -  A brilliant Orchid perfume & a great Corporate MICE Gift in Premium gift category
Perfume Store in Singapore : Singapore Memories created Orchid perfume, Aranda 1965. Its the best souvenir gift for overseas friends
Online Perfume Store Singapore : Singapore Memories : The Best Singapore Souvenir : Perfume from Orchids of Sg

Aranda 1965 (Homme)

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Aranda 1965 :This strong-masculine perfume generate lasting enthusiasm and is the scent of achievers.

Our most nostalgic fragrance is dedicated to courageous, visionary, compassionate and persistent past-leaders who got us from 1965's new-national to an Asian Role-model of today. We took inspiration from Aranda family of Orchids to create this masculine and long-lasting fragrance.

Intrinsically cheerful Bergamot and Citrus notes are combined with Sparkling asian fruits, which is mellowed by Tibetan Amber. The Wild-Aranda Orchids notes however remain the heart and soul of this fragrance. 

Few famous Aranda Hybrids: Aranda Majulah; Aranda Lee Kuan Yew, amongst a very long list.


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