Reves De Singapour – Revival of an iconic Singapore Scent

Reves De Singapour – Revival of an iconic Singapore Scent

Singapore Memories knows exactly how much scents can evoke the recollection of a certain place. Reves De Singapour is just one of those fragrances and it’s the revival of the iconic Reves De Singapour perfume – ‘Dreams of Singapore’. The classic and brilliant mix of notes from the original scent included heady tropical flowers that were mixed with extravagant resins. Among other ingredients, it also incorporated nutmeg, cinnamon, and black pepper.


reves de singapour revival of an iconic scent from 1960 dadi and christina collection

There are confusing stories about its origin. Some say that the scent was originally created by Lancome for Singapore Airlines in 1984. Other resources state Dadi as the originator.  It had since been discontinued and we have now revived it.

The reintroduction of this classical fragrance allowed Singapore memories to recreate it with a modern twist. The scent starts with delicate notes of Singaporean Orchids, and then slowly evolves into a complex mix of woods. It now has only a dash of resin and a tinge of spice, just enough to remember the past, without making it too heady. This is the perfect scent for the modern man who has found the perfect balance between work and pleasure.

Reve de Singapour is also the perfect corporate gift for men with its top notes of orchid, the beautiful flower native to the country and also its national flower. No traveler to Singapore can resist not taking home a Singapore souvenir of an iconic orchid scent like Reves De Singapour.

Orchid Scent

Singapore is a country of many aromas and cultures and it has long been associated with the beautiful orchid. Many orchid species are lost to time, but 80 of them have been reintroduced for their beauty and some for their marvelous scent.

These amazingly beautiful plants with delicate flowers are actually very hardy and it is estimated that they have been around for over 80 million years. This has been verified by the pollen found on bees that have been fossilized in amber.

Completely adaptable to its environment, orchids need a little light, some water, and just a few nutrients to survive. The year-round warm climate of Singapore is ideal for them, but they will grow just about anywhere. In nature, some orchids don’t grow on the ground, but in tree trunks, but they don’t leech nutrients off the trees, they just use them as a surface to grow on. Others are parasitic and feed off the trees that host them.

It is estimated that 75% of orchids are fragrant, and all parts of this exotic flower can produce odors. The timing of scent production is regulated in these amazing flowers so that they conserve energy, and it’s produced at the time of day that the pollinators are most active. No wonder that cultivated ones don’t have any scent at all.


Bee attracting orchids have the best scent and are the ones perfumers like Singapore Memories seek to blend into their fragrances. One fine example is the Vanilla Planifolia, with its natural vanilla flavors.

Singapore’s orchids all have a wonderful fragrance because they are pollinated by bees. Hybrids are unfortunately not good providers of aromatic oils because their pollination is carried out by farmers.

The orchid species has been revered since the beginning of recorded history and the ‘Father of Chinese Medicine’, Shên-nung, as far back as 2800BC recorded its use in his medicinal writings.

Today, at Singapore Memories they are researching its wonderful properties and besides using its fragrance they want to include it into future therapeutic beauty treatments.

Memorable Collection

Singapore Memories is creating scents that are evoking recollections of Singapore for its residents and visitors alike. Today, the island is visited by millions of people, not only because it has become a hub for business, but because of the beauty and the pleasures it offers as a tourist destination. A Singapore souvenir to remember is a bottle of fragrance from the Singapore Memories range and you will be able to relive every moment of your memorable trip here.

Businesses around the world look for the perfect corporate gift and Reves De Singapour, revived in its own unique way with the addition of orchid, is the ultimate corporate gift.

Capture the memories of your trip and keep them alive until you come back again. Don’t leave Singapore without buying perfume with the exquisite aroma of its national flower. The choice is endless and there are perfumes for men, women, and even for your home. And while you’re shopping for your Singapore souvenir, don’t forget to place your order for just the right corporate gift from Singapore for all your business colleagues and associates.