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Orchids by the bay - Singapore Memories - Best Singaporean Souviner - Heritage Orchid Perfume

Orchids by the Bay The Singaporean orchid, coming from the Orchidaceae family, is a very diverse and widespread flower. It has beautiful scent and flowers are very fragrant. It’s a long-living plant that will regrow every year with the right care. There are about 28 thousand different species of this flower, some even growing to be a few metres tall! Orchids by the bay is infused with these beautiful scent notes. The origin of the Orchid goes back to about fifteen to twenty million years ago with the most species of Orchids growing in Asia, and with it, Singapore. They, particularly the therapeutic orchid products are the best souvenirs to take back home. Many orchids have very fragrant flowers and...

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Singapore Girl Heritage Scent by Singapore Memories - Best Singaporean Souviner - Heritage Orchid Perfume

When you think of Singapore, you think of green cities, beautiful bays and cleanliness. Especially the latter is a big trait the people of Singapore have. Some insipring women are known for wearing enchanting perfumes and this inspired the creation of the Singapore Girl perfume! This is perfect gift for someone living abroad and missing their dear Singapore. Singapore has grown a lot in the recent years and is quick at keeping up with technologies and modernity’s. At the same time, perfumes have changed as well and the old Singapore signatures scent was close to disappearing off of the market. That’s why we decided to let this tradition live on forever through the new Singapore Girl Perfume. This perfume is...

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